Rapid Trauma Resolution


Melinda Paige, Ed.S, LPC, LMHC, NCC, stated, “Rapid Trauma Resolutions is a powerful and innovative therapeutic method.  This integrative approach was developed by Dr. Jon Connelly to treat the ongoing negative effects of trauma.  It addresses and completely clears the imprint left by trauma in areas of the brain that cannot be accessed through approaches such as cognitive therapy, alone.

“With RTR, the therapist joins with the participant in the creation of positive meaning structures, associations, and identity, as well as new cognitive, emotional and behavior patterns.  Unlike traditional approaches to trauma treatment, RTR clears the effects of trauma painlessly.  The exact event needing resolution is brought to mind even if it has been repressed or forgotten.  The mind updates and reorganizes as the client reprocesses traumatic memory realizing on every level that the traumatic even is finished and she/he has survived and triumphed.”

According to Miss Paige, “studies clearly show that exposure to traumatic stress has become commonplace in our society.  These events appear to happen to the majority of our population, often repeatedly, and are within the range of normal human experience.  Recent general-population studies have found trauma-exposure rates to be as high as 89% of the population.”

Miss Paige believes “new integrative mind-body approaches to trauma resolution which reprocess all three levels of the individual’s experience of her trauma including the sensory, autonomic, and somatic systems, increase the efficacy of treatment.  Integrative trauma resolution approaches engage the brain stem, thalamus, limbic system cerebellum, neocortex and sensory association cortices in order to deactivate and reintegrate the trauma on both a conscious and subconscious level.”

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